Birds of a Feather

DSCN5668 In March, I had a mama dove nesting in a hanging planter on my porch in full view of my large picture window. In the past few years, birds have frequently used the coconut husks from the planter to line their nests, but this year, one of the doves got smart and decided it would be easier just to make her nest in the planter. My daughter and I watched as the fat mama bird sat on the eggs (sometimes the papa bird would come and relieve her), then one day we were thrilled to see baby chicks in the nest. We watched as the chicks got larger and larger, as they tried to flap their wings, as they pushed their boundaries. Then I was fortunate enough to actually see them leave the nest and fly away. It was bittersweet. The nest remained empty for about a week, and then one day I looked out the window and saw that another mama bird was sitting in the nest! This was clearly not the same bird. And sure enough, when a papa bird came to relieve her, we could see two tiny eggs in the nest. I guess the first mama told the second mama what a great nesting site this was. And I have to agree. The second group of hatchlings flew away a few days ago, and it is probably too much to hope that a third mama will come take her place, but I’m certain the word has spread, and I can’t wait to see who arrives next year.

I think the birds came into my life as a metaphor. For what exactly, I’m not sure. There are so many clichés: seize the day; if you love something, let it go; everything changes; accept things as they are.  Perhaps the idea that when you make the best of the situation you have, then new opportunities will come your way. But you have to tell a friend.


Bonus! This beauty was in my yard when I was snapping pictures of the doves.

Update on the birds (Late June 2016) Believe it or not, bird family number three took residence in my hanging basket and the latest chicks just hatched! I look forward to next year and the renewal of life.

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