I. Awakening

Wait until dark
When hushed purple hues fall
Softly over your shivering frame
Framing your smile
As shadowy trees
Blend pinkened dusk
To nightfall
We look for moonbeams
In glistening tears
Finding only reflections
Of lost beliefs
And wait until dawn
When my searching kiss
Feels sunrise illumine your fears

II. Filling The Dance Card

Gently touching, brushing fingertips
Through wet and matted curls
Music interrupts, inspires
Drawing knowledge from those
Mesmerizing eyes
Seeming motionless, suspended—
Dark crescendos searing through his pride
Reveal convex reflections
Honest Vulgar
Passion swells and offers up
A stranded prostrate melody
A single pitch held tenuous
Seeking resolution
Until harmony returns
And silent searching fingertips
Grope towards the wall

III. Dreamchild

David sleeps so quietly
When laughter flits across his face
I wonder what he dreams
He does not know I watch him
throw a careless sigh
across my dreamless gaze
And all I do not tell him
Overwhelms me
Rushing in from unknown crevices
to stroke his hair
and guess at what he smiles

For David Kipen
August 1986

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