Coveting (language warning)

Your longing gaze
And naked breath
Pull me toward you
Softly moaning

Mouth on mouth on skin on breast on waist
You taste me as if offering a prayer

            Thou Shalt Not…

Bite       Grasp       Stroke       Gasp

Exploring deeper friendship as
affection and desire

You protect me with no promises
Afraid for me. Afraid
for how I see myself
will change

            Thou Shalt Not…

Lick         Touch       Scratch       Much

So concerned for my fidelity
I am not porcelain
with a painted heart

My yearning burns and urges
as I journey
up your thigh

            Thou Shalt Not…

 Groan       Suck         Pant           Fuck

Inhibitions dissipate
as lust and loving

Searching finds a small oasis
as we cling to moment’s passion

Your probing kiss fills voids
I didn’t know were there

And affection only fuels desire

   Thou Shalt Not…

Perhaps it is best we are not neighbors




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