I mentioned a few posts back that I first learned about Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism from one of Joel’s Value of Simple podcasts. I have since finished the book, and I loved it. So much so, that I plan to buy it for each of my children for Chanukah this year. I really wish that I had read it (or something like it, or even known about the concept) 30 years ago when I was making important decisions, like who to date and jobs to take, because I think it would have changed my life. His way of approaching what is essential and how an essentialist views the world, is excellent advice.

If I had read something like Essentialism when I was young, let’s say just out of college, would I have made different choices about my life? My mate? My jobs? I think I would have. So here’s to moving forward and making choices based on what I know now, because as my friend Stacey said to me yesterday (or something closely resembling this), “everything we do gets us to now and we get to use that knowledge moving forward.”

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